Major Advantages Of Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer


The biochemical instrument which is used to analyze any serum sample within about 6 minutes is termed a veterinary chemistry analyzer. It’s a useful equipment for animal diagnosis. This analyzer has the property of performing at least 12 biochemical tests within a certain period of time. With the help of this instrument, it’s very easy to determine the metabolites present in blood, urine or serum samples. A chemistry analyzer is a fully skilled instrument which has the ability to perform the biochemical testing process on its own. For operating the chemistry analyzer the users don’t need high technical skills or ideas.

During the chemical test, the user doesn’t need to add any diluent or centrifuge to the sample. This kind of analyzer also prints the reports of the tests automatically after 12 minutes. To perform any test with the help of the chemistry analyzers firstly the user has to fill up the panel with the sample. After this, the user has to insert the panel in the analyzer to initiate the process and after 12 minutes the users will get the accurate result of the performed test.

As the title of the article suggests, the article will convey the advantages of chemistry analyzers. However, the above paragraph speaks about what the instrument means. So to know more about the chemistry analyzer keep reading the article.

Major Advantages

The upcoming segment of the blog will express some major advantages of chemistry analyzers.

1. Requires Only Small Blood Samples

To perform any test with the help of the chemistry analyzer only a small amount of blood sample is required. However, the reports of the test are always accurate despite the small sample quantity.

2. User-friendly Equipment

The chemistry analyzers are a user-friendly product as the user doesn’t need any extra knowledge or skills during operating the analyzer.

3. Generates Accurate Results In No Time

Within 12 minutes the equipment provides accurate and exact results of the biochemical tests.

4. Multi-purpose & Multi-function

The chemistry analyzer is multi-functioned equipment as it can perform 6 tests at a single procedure and the user will get the results within the given time period.

5. Highly Portable

The chemistry analyzers are small and lightweight. Because of this, the user can easily move this equipment from one place to another. On the other hand, beaches of the size of the equipment can save the space of the laboratory. Along with this the chemistry analyzers space and allow on-site patient testing.

6. Requires Least Maintenance

This equipment can be considered a one-time invested product with low maintenance cost. For the chemistry analyzers, the users don’t have to add any pump valve or liquid circuit before the start of the test. However, only a tray of reagent is only required to complete any test. Along with these the equipment can be cleaned easily.


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