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Launch of a new Journal blacklist – behind the paywall

For seven years, Jeffrey Beall, an academic librarian at the University of Colorado, maintained a blacklist of open-access Journals, which according to his criteria were questionable and untrustworthy. This list was mostly meant as a resource to warn the research community about predatory journals that would charge fees but did not provide appropriate publishing services, such …

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Fundamental research: how much is it worth?

Certain scientific leaders believe that funding for science should be allocated, not based on the relative ‘trendiness’ or ‘impact’ of projects, but rather according to the acumen — either potential or proven — of the practitioners. One champion of this ethos is the President of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, a certain Prof. Helmut Schwarz, …

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Let’s forget about the impact factor

Hardly any topic in scientific publishing generates as much attention, debate and frequent outbursts as the Journal Impact Factor (JIF), calculated by Thomson Reuters. Long recognized for it’s inherently flawed nature in determining the quality of individual research articles or contributions (and performance) of individual scientists, it is unfortunately still frequently used as a means …

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Impressions from the March for Science in London

I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting before I left my flat this Saturday to join fellow scientists and science-fans on the March for Science in London. Demonstrations against Brexit and the Women’s March earlier this year were still on my mind, I guess, and probably contributed to my anticipation of large crowds. When …

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EU influence on UK science

From Wikimedia Commons

There are many reasons why academics are dreading the possibility of a Brexit: the loss of EU science funding is one of them, access to highly qualified lab personnel another. Euroskeptics keep insisting that we invest more than we get out. But how much does the UK actually contribute to EU research programmes – and …

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Cell reprogramming: a new era

I recently had the opportunity to produce an article about cell identity & reprogramming together with the Eurostemcell team, Thomas Graf and Austin Smith. Our body contains several hundred different types of specialised cells. Each cell has very specific features that enable it to do its job. Yet every cell in your body contains the same genes …

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The science of getting drunk

At the end of last year the media was full of articles about Professor David Nutt’s proposal to develop a drug that mimics the effect of alcohol without creating a hangover. Not surprisingly, this caused  major discussions. Besides the legal concerns of replacing alcohol with another psychoactive drug, his suggestion came attached to a call for funding which was seen as …

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