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Brexit. Between fatigue and oblivion.

When I’m not travelling I pretty much wake up with Radio 4 every day. But for a long time now I have fallen into the habit of immediately turning my radio alarm off to avoid the obligatory grave voice that will tell me how utterly disastrous the Brexit negotiations are progressing. Or rather not progressing. …

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Let’s forget about the impact factor

Hardly any topic in scientific publishing generates as much attention, debate and frequent outbursts as the Journal Impact Factor (JIF), calculated by Thomson Reuters. Long recognized for it’s inherently flawed nature in determining the quality of individual research articles or contributions (and performance) of individual scientists, it is unfortunately still frequently used as a means …

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Journals grant free access to all research on Zika virus

It seems every year we learn another lesson from viral epidemics. Last year the so far largest and most deleterious Ebola epidemic provoked an WHO-initiated overhaul of regulatory policies, aimed at accelerating the testing of treatments and vaccines that have shown promise in animals during times of crisis. The rVSV-ZEBOV trial was one of the results of this initiative and the success of the vaccine …

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EU influence on UK science

From Wikimedia Commons

There are many reasons why academics are dreading the possibility of a Brexit: the loss of EU science funding is one of them, access to highly qualified lab personnel another. Euroskeptics keep insisting that we invest more than we get out. But how much does the UK actually contribute to EU research programmes – and …

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