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Science Gallery London

Did you ever have the feeling that certain scientific findings have amazing parallels to art? Do you see beauty in data sets? The wonder of biology in magnified microscopic images? Then perhaps the Science Gallery London will interest you. The gallery, which is said to open next year, is working with researchers, students, local communities and artists to contribute …

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Skin Song – Bat For Lashes in the Wattlab

Natasha Khan has recently released a song about the skin. In quite a unique combination of science and music, the Wellcome Trust has initiated the science outreach project Body of Songs which aims to produce Music inspired by the organs of the body. Sounds a bit creepy? In fact, I think it’s about time that someone starts …

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A history of the earth in pictures

So far not many authors came up with the idea to publish a graphic novel about science – but this is not the only reason why I admire Jens Harder’s¬†ALPHA… directions. It is simply beautiful and perhaps the most inspiring science artbook I’ve seen so far. In over 2000 panels and drawings Harder depicts much of …

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What is it like to be a scientist working on a major breakthrough?

The PLOS blog PLOS Biologue recently published my review about Natalie Angier’s book Natural obsessions. It tells the story of Bob Weinberg‘s lab in the 70s and 80s – the time when he made one of the most important discoveries in cancer research and proved the existence of the human oncogene Ras which can cause normal cells to form tumours. But above all, …

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