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I have a bad gut feeling about this

Recently, a good friend of mine told me about his – now ex – girlfriend and how she ended the relationship based on a “gut feeling”. I wonder if that girl was aware of the big excitement that is currently flooding media and scientific literature regarding this topic. Well, not the break-up but the influence of the …

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It’s all in the blood: Can we turn back the aging clock?

When Paul Bert, a French physiologist, started to stitch mice together in 1864 he probably wasn’t thinking about the fountain of youth. His main interest was in animal grafting; the way tissue transplants could survive away from the body and affect a biological system (1). Bert’s successful attempts in parabiosis, the surgical joining of two …

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Are you depressed? Check your immune system.

In a recent Pint of Science event Professor Carmine Pariante from King’s College London talked about the link between mood disorders, such as clinical depression, and the immune system. The main question he addressed in his presentation was how inflammation and depression are related to each other and why it is necessary to diagnose and treat both …

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