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Careers for life science PhDs

I have recently updated my previous post about career opportunities for recent or prospective graduates from the life sciences. The list now includes updates on the previous job choices but also a selection of new jobs, based on what I’ve learnt over the past years. I hope you will find it useful and please do …

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Some changes to the blog

I’m in the process of making a few format changes, and generally cleaning up the archive, outdated posts, broken links and more. The main purpose of this revamp is to get everything back into shape so that I will be able to post more regular content. As it often happens in a blogger’s life multiple …

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Back in business – Happy 2016!

After a lengthy break this blog is now back in business and will be updated on a weekly basis. As before, anything scientific goes. However, as I’ve now taken up a job in science publishing, I also intend to cover issues that are more broadly science-related, such as science policy, publishing and perhaps the connection to industry …

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