Skin Song – Bat For Lashes in the Wattlab

Natasha Khan in the Wattlab
Natasha Khan visits the Wattlab

Natasha Khan has recently released a song about the skin.

In quite a unique combination of science and music, the Wellcome Trust has initiated the science outreach project Body of Songs which aims to produce Music inspired by the organs of the body. Sounds a bit creepy? In fact, I think it’s about time that someone starts to pay artistic tribute to our most valued body organs. In particular the skin is something that most people don’t even recognise as an organ – although they look at it every day. And it’s quite fabulous, really, when it comes to functions, architecture and job efficiency.

Artists such as Bat For Lashes, Goldie and Ghostpoet will each contribute a song about a selected organ – and the cool part for us scientists: they wanted first-hand inspiration. For this reason we were lucky to have lovely Natasha Khan paying us a visit in the Wattlab, where she talked to scientists, peeked through microscopes and was generally quite excited to hear about the details.

The result is her Skin Song, which was released a few days ago. You can listen to it on the band’s website. The entire album Body of Songs will be released in 2015 – watch a short trailer (including a few snapshots from the lab) below.

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