Misconduct – When science turns into scam

What’s the worst thing that can happen to a scientist apart from having to give up one’s career because of funding problems? Stem cell researcher Haruko Obokata would probably have a good answer for that. She’s been in the media since the beginning of the year: first as female scientist role-model with a spectacular discovery, then newspapers …

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Are you depressed? Check your immune system.

In a recent Pint of Science event Professor Carmine Pariante from King’s College London talked about the link between mood disorders, such as clinical depression, and the immune system. The main question he addressed in his presentation was how inflammation and depression are related to each other and why it is necessary to diagnose and treat both …

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Talk science to me. Why researchers should engage with the public.

The media today is a maze of information that no-one can quite grasp. Especially when it comes to science. It frequently hits the front-pages of newspapers and over the decades has become an excellent way to attract attention – mostly because it’s easily put into an emotional context that resonates with all of us. Just the word cancer will cause …

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What is it like to be a scientist working on a major breakthrough?

The PLOS blog PLOS Biologue recently published my review about Natalie Angier’s book Natural obsessions. It tells the story of Bob Weinberg‘s lab in the 70s and 80s – the time when he made one of the most important discoveries in cancer research and proved the existence of the human oncogene Ras which can cause normal cells to form tumours. But above all, …

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SciComm14 – How science is communicated

A few weeks ago I had the exciting opportunity to attend my first science communication conference: SciComm14, a project of the British Science Association which was held at the University of Surrey this year. Having been to science conferences only so far, I must say that my expectations were initially mixed and then certainly exceeded by what I found …

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