Cell reprogramming: a new era

MParmer_Reprog_neurons(2)I recently had the opportunity to produce an article about cell identity & reprogramming together with the Eurostemcell team, Thomas Graf and Austin Smith.

Our body contains several hundred different types of specialised cells. Each cell has very specific features that enable it to do its job. Yet every cell in your body contains the same genes – the same biological ‘instruction book’. So what makes each type of cell different? And can we control or change cell identities? How might this help us develop new approaches to medicine?

Read the whole article here.


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    • Barbara on July 5, 2015 at 9:06 pm
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    Thank for sharing Christine , do you know if any intitute is taking volunteers for stem cell injection? My friend was recdntly diagnosed with MND . Pls pm me on fb Barbara Malasiewicz

    1. Hi Barbara, I’m sorry to hear about your friend. Yes, clinical trials are currently under way for cell therapy in motor neuron disease but I have to say that this is really very early days and no-one can say much about individual outcomes as of yet. If you want to check for trials online you can look at http://clinicaltrials.gov. Most registered trials in many nations are mentioned there and the website will also inform you about who is currently recruiting and where the trials are based. But most of all: it is very important that your friend gets appropriate expert advice and GPs or specialist centres should be able to give you information about clinical trials and how relevant/feasible they are in each case. I hope this helps a bit? All the best for your friend!

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