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Feb 07

EU influence on UK science

There are many reasons why academics are dreading the possibility of a Brexit: the loss of EU science funding is one of them, access to highly qualified lab personnel another. Euroskeptics keep insisting that we invest more than we get out. But how much does the UK actually contribute to EU research programmes – and …

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Oct 13

Cell reprogramming: a new era

I recently had the opportunity to produce an article about cell identity & reprogramming together with the Eurostemcell team, Thomas Graf and Austin Smith. Our body contains several hundred different types of specialised cells. Each cell has very specific features that enable it to do its job. Yet every cell in your body contains the same genes …

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Aug 17

The science of getting drunk

At the end of last year the media was full of articles about Professor David Nutt’s proposal to develop a drug that mimics the effect of alcohol without creating a hangover. Not surprisingly, this caused  major discussions. Besides the legal concerns of replacing alcohol with another psychoactive drug, his suggestion came attached to a call for funding which was seen as …

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Jul 04

A history of the earth in pictures

So far not many authors came up with the idea to publish a graphic novel about science – but this is not the only reason why I admire Jens Harder’s ALPHA… directions. It is simply beautiful and perhaps the most inspiring science artbook I’ve seen so far. In over 2000 panels and drawings Harder depicts much of …

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Jun 08

Misconduct – When science turns into scam

What’s the worst thing that can happen to a scientist apart from having to give up one’s career because of funding problems? Stem cell researcher Haruko Obokata would probably have a good answer for that. She’s been in the media since the beginning of the year: first as female scientist role-model with a spectacular discovery, then as …

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May 31

Are you depressed? Check your immune system.

In a recent Pint of Science event Professor Carmine Pariante from King’s College London talked about the link between mood disorders, such as clinical depression, and the immune system. The main question he addressed in his presentation was how inflammation and depression are related to each other and why it is necessary to diagnose and treat both …

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May 24

Talk science to me. Why researchers should engage with the public.

The media today is a maze of information that no-one can quite grasp. Especially when it comes to science. It frequently hits the front-pages of newspapers and over the decades has become an excellent way to attract attention – mostly because it’s easily put into an emotional context that resonates with all of us. Just the word cancer will cause …

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